Lima Technologies

About Us

About Us

We are growing agricultural supply chains and markets.

At Lima Technologies we are helping farmers earn money from their produce, through getting their produce to ready buyers while providing a consistent supply chain of high-quality produce to the agricultural markets, allowing for predictability, traceability, and reliability through a centralized digital platform.
Our approach

Data oriented

Through the Lima digital platform, agro-processors, exporters, retailers and players in the hospitality industry are able to plan and procure the best quality produce from vetted farmers remotely. This in return ensures the farmers have a stable and sustainable market with zero waste while assuring the farmer steady income for their hard work and labor.

Africa Awaits

Why now is the right time?

Today — and even more so tomorrow — Africa’s rapidly growing cities and food markets offer the largest and fastest growing market opportunity available to the continent’s 60 million farms. In Sub-Saharan Africa, post-harvest food losses are estimated to be worth US $4 billion per year - or enough to feed at least 48 million people. (Source: UNEP) with a major reason being a disconnect in linkage between farmers and buyers.

Our Promise


Through our supply chain ecosystem we enable buyers to be able to predict and know expected harvest without going to the fields.


We lean on technology to observe market patterns, collect and aggregate farm level data in order to offer a reliable service.


Through our supply chain ecosystem we are able to empower the buyer to be able to trace the produce from it's exact source.


As an organisation, we strive for openness, effective communication, and accountability within and around our clients.


We ernestly value and strive to develop our employees’ diverse talents, initiative and leadership.


Innovation allows us to learn, and from it, we iterate, adapt and generate new ideas.

Trusted by


Lawrence Njihia

Chief Executive Officer
Analytical Finance and Marketing Professional and Serial Entrepreneur

Ariane Umuringa

Chief Finance Officer
Award-winning Computer Scientist with Programme Management experience .

Alexis Juma

Chief Operations Officer
Passionate Social Development Specialist and Agripreneur

Peter Musyoki

Chief Technical Officer
Business Information Technology and Cyber Security Specialist

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