Lima Technologies


Re-Imagine Market Linkage

We are breaking the existing barriers to market access experienced by farmers and buyers by using innovative technology.

Market linkage for social & economic success

We are helping farmers earn money from their produce, through linking them to ready buyers while providing a consistent supply chain of high-quality produce to agricultural markets through a centralized digital platform allowing for predictability, traceability, and reliability.

We are data driven

Lima leans on technology to observe market patterns, collect and aggregate data at farm level to make informed market predictions.

We are the nexus between the now knowledgeable farmer whose harvest needs to make its way to the market at a fair price and the customer in need of high quality agricultural produce.

Our goal is to connect millions of farmers in Africa to sustainable markets.

About us

Through the Lima digital platform, agricultural buyers  are able to plan and procure the best quality produce from vetted farmers remotely. This in return ensures the farmers have a stable and sustainable market with zero waste while assuring the farmer steady income for their hard work and labor.

We provide an integrated software based system that links farmers with markets through relaying farm level data on respective value chain crops to relevant buyers.

We are future optimists

How do we create massive impact and business opportunities in the agricultural value chain in emerging markets?

Build sustainable supply chains

We are solving the problem of agricultural market linkage by bringing transparency and trust into the industry.

Extension Services

We work hand in hand with farmers by providing an agronomist who works with the farmers to collect farm level data while at the same time advising the farmer on how to cultivate using best practices.

Procure and trade with confidence

For buyers, we offer a centralized platform that allows for trade between them and the farmers reducing buyers sourcing costs and enabling them to receive produce without leaving their location.


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About Us

We are committed to providing transformative agricultural market linakge for farmers and buyers.


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Together we can build a better future

At Lima Technologies we are addressing food loss and food waste by linking farmers to the market. We envision playing a role in reducing food loss and waste by improving efficiency in market linkage thereby improving food security, reducing hunger and contributing towards environmental sustainability. 

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Our approach is standardized, scalable, data-driven and is proven to advance the level of agricultural market linkage.