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Re-Imagine Market Linkage

By connecting smallholder farmers with ready markets, we aim to create a sustainable ecosystem where post-harvest food loss is minimized, farmers thrive, consumers have access to fresh, nutritious produce and the environment is conserved . 

About us

Lima Technologies is a B2B company based in Kigali Rwanda that provides an integrated software based system that links farmers with markets through relaying farm level data on respective value chain crops to relevant buyers.

Through the Lima digital platform, agricultural buyers are able to plan and procure the best quality produce from vetted farmers remotely. This in return ensures the farmers have steady income and sustainable markets with minimal post harvest food losses.

SDG Targets

Market linkage for social, economic & environmental sustainability

Our mission is to transform the way food reaches consumers by creating a seamless bridge between farmers and buyers, ensuring that less food goes to waste.

Our approach not only helps reduce the environmental impact of food waste but also supports local economies by helping farmers to earn more and improve food security, ensuring healthy diets for a growing population.

We are data driven

Our data driven platform brings together key stakeholders in the food supply chain, enabling collaboration and fostering circular economies.

By minimizing food waste, the platform promotes resource efficiency, reduces environmental impact, and supports sustainable agricultural practices. This holistic approach not only benefits farmers and consumers but also aligns with broader climate action goals.

We are future optimists

How do we create massive impact and business opportunities in the agricultural value chain in emerging markets?

Build sustainable supply chains

We are solving the problem of agricultural market linkage by bringing transparency and trust into the industry.

Extension Services

We work hand in hand with farmers by providing an agronomist who works with the farmers to collect farm level data while at the same time advising the farmer on how to cultivate using best practices.

Procure and trade with confidence

For buyers, we offer a centralized platform that allows for trade between them and the farmers reducing buyers sourcing costs and enabling them to receive produce without leaving their location.


Our commitment to reducing post-harvest food loss is about  more than just connecting smallholder farmers with ready markets. It is about addressing climate change and creating a healthier future for Rwanda.

About Us

We are committed to providing transformative agricultural market linakge for farmers and buyers.


We offer a range of opportunities for recent university graduates and experienced professionals. Click here to view.

Together we can build a sustainable future

Reducing food waste with a data-driven platform is a powerful way to achieve market linkage, better nutrition, and climate action.

Whether you’re a farmer seeking market access, a business interested in sustainability, or a policymaker focused on food security, this approach offers a path to a more sustainable future.

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Our approach is standardized, scalable, data-driven and is proven to advance the level of agricultural market linkage.